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This is the web site for DialMyWord, an application for Java-enabled cell phones with QWERTY keyboards.

What is it?

DialMyWord is a Java application that you can install on your QWERTY cell phone. If your phone does not have a standard touch-tone keypad, you may have wondered how you can call mnemonic word-type telephone numbers like 1-800-FLOWERS if you don't know what numbers are associated with each letter. After DialMyWord is installed on your phone, all you'll have to do is run the DialMyWord app, then key the word-type number (no hyphens or punctuation), then select "Dial" from the options menu. The number will get dialed and then the application will exit. You will need to run the DialMyWord application again if you want to dial another number.

How to Obtain?

To get DialMyWord, click on the Download DialMyWord.jar button below. You may need to disable your pop-up blocker temporarily to do this.

If you are downloading the file on your computer, save it to a convenient place (your desktop), then transfer the file to your cell phone using the USB cable or Bluetooth, then follow the prompts on your phone to install.

If you are downloading this directly on your cell phone, the phone should prompt you for the installation process.

If you need the DialMyWord.jad file, click here to download it:

How much is it?

DialMyWord is free to try, for as long as you like. The version you download here has the full program functionality except it won't actually dial your numbers for you. If you pay for it (by clicking on the Buy Now button below), the developer will send you a registration code which will unlock the program, enabling it to dial your numbers for you. It's just US $0.99.

Comments or Questions

If you have comments (good or bad!) or questions concerning the DialMyWord application, click here to contact the developer.